Dr. Ahmed Awad Abouelata

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د - أحمد عوض أبو العطا

المركز القومى للبحوث - القاهرة

Curriculum Vitae



Name:                                   Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Awad Abouelata                          

Date of Birth:                        26. August 1971

Place of Birth:                      Kafre Shukre - Kalupia , Egypt                      كفر شكر - القليوبية  

Sex:                                        Male          

Nationality:                            Egyptian   

Family Status:                       Married , two children


Home                                      33 A – St. 100– District 11 – Shehk Zayed city -  Giza

Office:                                     National Research Centre (NRC),Chem. Eng. & Pilot 

                                                 Plant Dept., El Tahrir Street,Dokki, Giza,Egypt

Zip Code                                12622

Tel  Home:                             2 02 38951623        

Mobile:                                   2  011 8646721

Office:                                    2 02 [33371499 – 33371615 –33371263]             

 Fax:                                       2 02 3370931

Telex:                                    00202 94022 NAREC UN

 E-Mail:                                  [email protected]

                                               [email protected]

Language:                           Arabic(Mother Language),

                                               English (very good),  

                                               German (good)




·                Ph. D.: Chem.Dept., Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University,2004

·                M. Sc.: Chem.Dept., Faculty of Science, Zagazig University, 1998

·                Pre-Master Study:Chem.Dept., Faculty of Science, Banha University, 1994

·                B. Sc.: Chem.Dept., Faculty of Science, Benha University, 1993




  • Professor  (2016 - present) in Chem. Eng. & Pilot Plant Dept., (NationalResearch Centre)    
  • Associate Professor (2010 - 2016) in Chem. Eng. & Pilot Plant Dept., (NationalResearch Centre)
  • Researcher  (2005 -2010) in Chem. Eng. & Pilot Plant Dept., (NationalResearch Centre)
  • Assistant Researcher (1998 - 2005)  in Chem. Eng. & Pilot Plant Dept.,  (Nattional Research Centre)
  • Researcher Assistant (1995 - 1998 ) in Chem. Eng.& Pilot Plant Dept., (Nattional Research Centre)

Mission Abroad


  •   Germany : from Mar 2001 to Nov 2002                                                                                         


Institute Fur Angewandte und Physikalisch Chemie,

Bremen Univeresity, Bremen - Deutschland


  •   USA : from Aug 2013 to Feb 2014


Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Department

University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB), Alabama , Birmingham


Main Research or Technology Research:


  ¨           Preparation of inorganic compounds, Copperoxychloride

  ¨           Characterization of materials by chemical and instrumental analysis.

  ¨           Electrolytic Coloring of aluminum surface by using different bathes

  ¨           Electropolishing of metals, e.g. aluminum, copperand stainless steel by using different


  ¨           Characterization of the metal surface.

  ¨           Electrochemical methods for removal of heavy metals and organicpollutants from waste water



Experience and ResearchProjects:


  1.  Preparation of Copper oxychloride  1996.
  2. "Electrolytic coloring of Anodized Aluminum", research Plan  (No. 6/1/4/4/1) 1998-2001.

  3. Survey of quality & quantity of Essential Chemicals all – over Egypt, (2000), project with scientific research academy.

  4.  Electropolishing of aluminum (VW Finance &Bremen Univ.) 2001.
  5.  Preparation of calcium hypochlorite  2003.
  6.  Innovative conservation approaches for monitoring and protecting ancient and historic metals collections from the Mediterraneanbasin   (EU,PROMET) 2005.
  7.   Preparation of Hydrogel from Starch. 2006.
  8.  Removal of iron and manganese from waste water 2007.
  9.  Development of the systems for the removal of pesticides from waste water by oxidation and ultra-  filtration technology 2009.



Training & Study Abroad:


  • Advanced Professional Training in the Field of Electropolishing of metals by using different    bathes.
  • Training to measure the Gloss value of the metal surface by using Reflectometer.
  • Training to measure the roughness of the metal surface by using UBM profile meter.




  • Egyptian Scientific Syndicate.
  • Egyptian Society of Metals Corrosion and Protection.
  • Egyptian Society of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology.




1)    A method for electropolishing and cleaning of internal and external complex copper surfaces simultaneously.

 طريقة للتنظيف و التلميع الكهربى لأسطح النحاس الداخلية و الخارجية الغير منتظمة الشكل فى آن واحد

                                                                                                   2007/1/15   طلب البراءة المقدم برقم  21 بتاريخ 

تم منح البراءة برقم  25827 باسم د- أحمد محمد أحمد عوض أبو العطا

2) “An integrated/compact electrochemical unit for water treatment”, patent No. 28004- 2017.

وحدة كهروكيميائية مدمجة لمعالجة المياه

    2008  /  8  /  20   رقم  1407 بتاريخ  

    تم منح البراءة برقم 28004 باسم أ.د/ أحمد محمد عوض أبو العطا و آخرون 

3) Electrodeposition of different three nano size metals of copper, tin and nickel into nano porous aluminum oxide film.

الترسيب الكهربى و التحكم فى نسب معدنين أو ثلاثة معادن فى حجم النانو من القصدير و النيكل و النحاس داخل طبقة أكسيد الألومونيوم النانونية        المسامية

(رقم الطلب: 686 /  2016    (تحت الفحص 

تاريخ التقدم : 18 / 4 / 2016


Recent Relevant Publications:


1.   M. A. Arafa, A. M. Awad "Preparationof copper oxychloride " , Al-Azhar Engineering Fifth International Conference(AEIC,97), Proc. , 76 , Dec 19-22 (1997).

2.   Awad Abouelata, A.;Buhlert, M.; Plath, P.J.: Pattern Formation by Electropolishing of Aluminum Alloys. Zeinisjochseminar 2002, Galtür (Tirol) 24.02 bis 02.03.2002.

3.   Buhlert, M.; Awad, A.;Plath, P.J.; Dobrescu, G.; Gartner, M.; Gavrila, R.: Afractal study on electropolished Aluminium. Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society. Angenommen zur Veröffentlichung.

4. Buhlert, M.; Gartner, M.; Modreanu, M.; Jitianu, A.; Awad,A.; Plath. P.J.: Charakterisierung vonelektropolierten Aluminiumoberflächen, Oberflächentage 2003.17.-19-09.2003 in Bremen.

5.   Buhlert, M.; Gartner, M.;Modreanu, M.; Jitianu, A.; Gavrila, R.; Awad, A.; Plath, P.J.: Characterization of Electropolished Aluminium Surfaces, Galvanotechnik. Eugen G. Leuze Verlag, Bad Saulgau. 95 (2004) 7, S. 1629-1634.

6.  M. Buhlert, A. Awad, P.J. Plath, G. Dobrescu, M. Gartner, R. Gavrila „A Fractal Study on Electropolished Aluminium” In: “Vernetzte Wissenschaften – Crosslinks in Natural and Social Sciences” P. Plath & E.C. Haß, Hrsg.) Logos-Verlag Berlin  

7.   H.A. Talaat, M.H. Sorour, A.G. Aboulnour, H.F. Shaalan, Enas M. Ahmed,  A.M. Awad and M. A. Ahmed, “Development of a Multi - Components Fertilizing Hydrogel with Relevant Techno-Economic Indicators”, American-Eurasian Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Science, 3 (5): 764-770, 2008. 

8.   Venice Gouda, Nabil Abdel Ghany and Ahmed Awad, "SILVER ARTIFACTS PROTECTION BY ANTICORROSIVE COATINGS", 17th International Corrosion Congress (ICC), Oct 2008, USA. 

9.   Ahmed M. Awad ( Contributor - 3 Chapters ): Metals and Museums in the Mediterranean, Protecting, Preserving, and Interpreting, edited by Vasilike Argyropoulos , Published by TEI of Athens, as coordinator of PROMET project 2008 

10.   H.A. Talaat, M.H. Sorour, A.G. Aboulnour, H.F. Shalaan, E.M.Ahmed and A.M. Awad, "Preparation and characterization of an environmentally friendly Hydrogel", 3rd Intern. Conf. of Eng. Division,(2008 ).

11.   H.A. Talaat, M.H. Sorour, A.G. Aboulnour, H.F. Shaalan, Enas M. Ahmed, A.M. Awad, " Parametric study of hydrogel with medium swelling : preparation and characterization", 8th Intern. Conf. of Egyptian Society of Engineers-Society of Chemical Engineers, Cairo-Egypt, Nov. 2008 

12.   H.A. Talaat, M.Y. Gahly, E.M. Kamel, A.M. Awad, and E.M.Ahmed, "UV assisted electrochemical oxidation for iron removal", 3rd Intern. Conf. of Eng. Division, NRC ( 2008 )

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21.   V.K. Gouda and A.M. Awad, "An AppropriateMethod for Silver Tarnish Removal", 18 TH INTERNATIONALCORROSION CONGRESS, 20-24NOVEMBER 2011, PerthConvention Exhibition Centre, Perth, Western Australia, Australia 20–24 November 2011.

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42.  Ahmed M Awad Abouelata, "Advances in Smart Coatings and Thin Films for Future Industrial and Biomedical Engineering Applications",    (Book-Chapter 6), ISBN: 978-0-12-849870-5, Elsevier Radarweg 29, PO Box 211, 1000 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands The Boulevard, Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford OX5 1GB, United Kingdom 50 Hampshire Street, 5th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02139, United States , Copyright © 2020 Elsevier Inc. (2019)

43. Ahmed M Awad Abouelata, Said Aly Abdallah, Mohamed H Sorour, Nourhan A. Shawky, Mona A Abdel-Fatah, Modification and ionic stimulation of hollow fiber membrane by electric field for water treatment, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 137, 27, Wiley, https/ (2020)












































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